A Fine Chinese Qing Dynasty Smoking Pipe Of Ivory And Burmese Jadeite The Vanishing Heavens
A Unique Qing Dynasty Woman’s Water Pipe In The Shape Of A Boot The Vanishing Heavens
A Beautiful Edo Period ki-Seto Tea Bowl with Gold and Silver Repairs Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $895.00
19th Century Tibetan Mala Prayer Beads The Zentner Collection $2,800.00
Burmese Lacquered Gilded Pitcher Cup & Saucer Set - 19th Century JJ Oriental $595.00
Antique Benin cast Bronze Sculpture of a Royal Couple what pdx $895.00
19th Century Tibetan Necklace The Zentner Collection $7,500.00
Early Dogon Bronze Horse and Rider with a Spear what pdx $345.00
Antique Chinese Landscape Scroll Painting The Zentner Collection $1,200.00
Important large Egyptian Torquise Faiance Ushabti with clear glyphs! Senatus Consulto $1350.00
Large and superb Sassanian stamp seal, 3rd.-5th. century AD Senatus Consulto $295.00
Chimu Shrimp Bottle Arte Xibalba $275.00
18th Century, Shan, Burmese Bronze Seated Buddha with Gilded Gold AntiqueTica.com $1,670.00
19th Century, Laos Wooden Seated Buddha AntiqueTica.com $300.00
Thai gilded copper Buddhist sculpture L'Asie Exotique $2,800.00
Chinese PotteryStatue of a Han Warrior - 206BC- 220AD JJ Oriental $575.00
Antique Chinese Calligraphy Scroll painting The Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Pre Columbian Terracotta group lot what pdx $135.00