Yanagisawa Kien (1703-1758) Antique Japanese Painting of Jurojin Treasures of Old Times $1,200.00
Goryeo Dynasty (12th/13th century) Korean Celadon Glazed Molded Bowl Treasures of Old Times $300.00
19c Shino ware Tea Bowl (Chawan) for tea ceremony Wabi Sabi Treasures of Old Times $500.00
17th/18th century Shino-Ware Kogo (Incense box) Edo period (1603-1868) Treasures of Old Times $500.00
Edo period (19c) Aka Raku Chawan (Tea bowl) by Ninnami Dohachi Treasures of Old Times $650.00
Early 20c Agano ware Chaire (tea caddy) for tea ceremony Treasures of Old Times $650.00
19th C. Japanes Silver Kiseru Smoking Pipe Asian Art Online $285.00
Stone (Granite) Jizo Bosatsu Bodhisattva Late-Edo ca. 1800 Antique Stones Japan $1,000.00
A highly detatiled Pre-Columbian Inca quartzite "canopa" The Genius Of Man $750.00
19th C. Chinese Bamboo Opium Pipe Asian Art Online $650.00
Set of five early Ko-Imari “Three Friends” dishes The Schadle Collection $875.00
Unique Yellow Ground Polychrome Imari Charger Deities and symbols The Schadle Collection $1,375.00
Antique bowl by Suwa Sozan, 19th century, from Mary Pickford's estate The Schadle Collection $875.00
Signed Meiji Silk Tobacco Pouch and White Lacquer Kagamibuta The Schadle Collection $795.00