Exceptional Large Mayan Plate with God K: Ex Ferdinand Anton
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Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain Meiping with Cover Brian Page Antiques £750.00
Fine Chinese Ming Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain Box (Lotus) Brian Page Antiques £150.00
Han Dynasty Pottery Censer (206BC-220AD) Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €375.00
Chinese Han Dynasty Bronze Two-Part Steamer (Ex. Lepileur Collection) Brian Page Antiques £650.00
Joseon Dynasty Ido Chawan Vessels.jp $1,280.00
Chinese Tang Dynasty Pottery Courtier "Fat Lady" with Oxford TL Test Brian Page Antiques £1,850.00
Black Raku Chawan by Raku Kichizaemon IX (Ryonyu) Vessels.jp $1,460.00
Fine & Rare Chinese Ming Dynasty Glazed Pottery Zun Vase / Cup Brian Page Antiques £250.00
Fine Chinese Early Ming Dynasty Celadon Bowl – Incised Lotus Pattern Brian Page Antiques £395.00
NEGORO-NURI WAN - Japanese red lacquered bowls 2pc. t a t a m i $300.00
Japanese antique indigo dye hemp Tattered patched boro rag meiji Japanese Antique & Textile saiyuu2 $198.80
Japanese antique Patterns of bream & bamboo tsutsugaki furoshiki Japanese Antique & Textile saiyuu2 $180.00
THANGKA t a t a m i $850.00
Japanese Antique Textile Yosegire Han-juban Made of Silk Crepe GALLERY TSUMUGI $200.00
Large Hopewell Pipe le Monde Gallery $9,500.00
Two Chinese Storage Jars 19th Century Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €150.00
Rare Large Burmese 15th Century Celadon Stoneware Dish (Ex. Lammers’ C Brian Page Antiques £495.00
Fine Vietnamese 14th Century Underglazed Bowl (Ex. Museum) Brian Page Antiques £220.00