Antique Japanese Hemp Noren Curtain Ca. 1930 Kodo Arts $375.00
A Totai Cloisonne On Ceramic Cha-Ire (Tea Jar), Butterfly & Flowers Spoils of Time $195.00
Small Signed Ginbari Cloisonne Vase Colorful Flowers & Bird Decoration Spoils of Time $465.00
Large Japanese Taisho Era Totai Cloisonne Vase - Peonies & Butterflies Spoils of Time $965.00
Jadeite Pendants: Free Shipping Abhaya Asian Antiques $180.00
Antique Chinese Porcelain Landscape Tiles Zentner Collection $1,250.00
Han Dynasty decorated pottery cocoon vessel Priceless Past $1,395.00
Inro Gold Lacquer And Mother-of-pearl Inlays Japan Edo 17th Century Reflets des Arts €4,000.00
Suzuribako - Kabuto And Deers Japan Edo 18th Century Reflets des Arts €7,500.00
Netsuke In Wood Carved By Sukeyuki - Shishimai Dancer. Japan Edo Reflets des Arts €3,200.00
Rare early wooden Baulé Female Figure, ex. Robert Jacobsen Senatus Consulto $1,650.00
Important large seated wooden Female Figure, Baulé 19th. cent. Senatus Consulto $1,850.00
Japanese porcelain vase.Peonies.Tominaga Genroku. Japan Meiji period Conservatoire Sakura $500.00
Fukagawa porcelain bowl. Decorated with Mount Fuji. Meiji Japan early Conservatoire Sakura $1,700.00
Qing Dynasty Carved Panel of Bird in Garden: Free Shipping Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Fine Sassanian hardstone stamp seal w Pahlevi script, 3rd.-5th. cent. Senatus Consulto $375.00
Huge and exceptional Mesopotamian tablet seal, c. 2nd. mil. BC Senatus Consulto $895.00
Nice large Byzantine silver seal ring c. 700-900 AD. Senatus Consulto $225.00