Antique Japanese Set of 7 Imari Plates The Zentner Collection $1,750.00
Japanese Edo Period Transom Carved with Benkei and Ushiwaka The Zentner Collection $2,000.00
18/19C Chinese Silk Embroidery Textile Gold Threads Badge Kilin 2ezr Inquire
19c ASAKUSA staghorn pipe case KISERUZUTSU Immortality Fungus Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,400.00
19c Asakusa staghorn pipe case PRUNUS & chrysanthemum Dmitry Levit Asian Art $700.00
19c Japanese tobacco silver pipe POUCH ojime KISERUZUTSU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $195.00
19C Chinese Archaic Style Spot Gold Rope Bronze Vase 2ezr Inquire
19C Chinese Blue Turquoise Glaze Porcelain Vase 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Antique red Silk Robe With Flowers And Butterflies Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts not availble
Japanese Edo Period Carved Transom with Samurai The Zentner Collection $2,000.00
17C Chinese Blanc De Chine Dehwa Dehua Porcelain Wine Tea Cup 2ezr Inquire
Small Ceramic Cup, China, Song Dynasty AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €200.00
Hongmu Display Table, China, 19th C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €450.00
Japanese blue and white pottery tea bowl t a t a m i On Request
Sakiori quilting vest from Tohoku region t a t a m i $230.00
Monumental Pre-columbian Veracruz Seated Incensario Figure Minerva Gallery
Vintage Set of 4 Tall Filipino Capiz Window/Door Panels L'Asie Exotique $8,500.00
Korean Tigers Screen Painting The Zentner Collection $6,000.00