Shunga album, erotic paintings, attr. Tomioka Eisen, Japan, Meiji era Welcome To Another Century P.o.r.
Chinese Blue & White Chop Ink Box - Qing JJ Oriental $275.00
AN ANCIENT ROMAN MARBLE RELIEF Explorer Ancient Art $15,000.00
19c netsuke PUPPY & abalone by KYOGYOKU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,200.00
19c netsuke 5 BOYS playing by ONO SHOMIN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $975.00
19c staghorn netsuke SALAMANDER by HEISHIN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $495.00
19c Hida school netsuke HOTEI by SUKENORI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $295.00
19c Japanese sword sentoku KOZUKA birds by stream Dmitry Levit Asian Art $295.00
Small Chinese Bronze Mirror Song EastWest Gallery $210.00
Tang Dynasty White Pottery Lady Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €650.00
Northern Qi Horse and Rider TL-tested Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €2,650.00
Ancient Gold Repair Jadeite Pendant - 500BC JJ Oriental $680.00
Brilliant Aztec/Mixtec Pedestal Bowl with Wind God Motif: Ex F. Anton Apolonia Ancient Art $1,865.00
Antique Japanese Porcelain Figure of Fukurokuju The Zentner Collection $1,800.00
Weepng Eye Shell Mask Ancient Artifacts $7,000.00
Prehistoric Axe Fossilized Petrified Wood Handle w/vid Ancient Artifacts $7,500.00
Black-glazed Bowl with Greek Inscription for Laitha, ca. 4th cent. BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1,450.00
East Greek Krateriskos, Hellenistic Period, 3rd-2nd Century BC Ostracon Ancient Art $850.00