Roman North African Lamp with Leaping Stag, 375-500 AD Ostracon Ancient Art $340.00
Etruscan Genucilia Footed Plate, ca. 300 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $480.00
Greek Apulian Guttus with Medusa Head, 325-300 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $890.00
Attic Stemmed Dish, ca. 500 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $950.00
Greek Campanian Palmette Applique, ex MuM, 480-470 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $420.00
Middle Corinthian Amphoriskos, 600-575 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $460.00
Attic Askos with Dog and Panther, ex Elsa Bloch-Diener, 425-400 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $3,200.00
Anglo Saxon Cross Fibula with Figural Decoration Ancient Art Pantheon $900.00
Jelling Viking Gilt Mythical Creature Ancient Art Pantheon $750.00
Borre Viking Figural Decorated Fibula Ancient Art Pantheon $2,500.00
Roman Glass Paste Intaglio Depicting Victory in a Biga Ancient Art Pantheon $850.00
Roman Sardonyx Miniature Portrait Intaglio Ancient Art Pantheon $500.00
Roman Indented Beaker typically Worms Ancient Art Pantheon $750.00
Japanese Writing Box - Suzuri Bako Tora Tori Gallery €4,500.00
Roman Beaker typically Cologne Ancient Art Pantheon $500.00
Roman Lead Glazed Handle Depicting Dionysos Ancient Art Pantheon $850.00
Roman Marbled Glass Flask Ancient Art Pantheon $950.00