Mexican Pre Columbian Tlatilco Terracotta Female head with headband what pdx $135.00
Mexican Pre Columbian Tlatilco Terracotta Female head what pdx $125.00
Sri Lankan Antique Ceramic Votive Figure of Hanuman Zentner Collection $975.00
Ancient Egyptian Shabti for Ankh-pa-chered JFF Ancient Art €2,600.00
Korean Minhwa Painting Cranes Pine Tree Mulberry Early 20th Century Palmrose Asian Antiques $395.00
Stone Jizo Bosatsu Bodhisattva mid-Edo Period ca. 1700 Antique Stones Japan $800.00
a madagascar figure galerie Cecile Kerner €18,000.00
China. Toggle. The Tretiak Collection
Syro-Hittite Terracotta Bird, Late 2nd Millennium BC Ostracon Ancient Art $480.00
Egyptian Terracotta Shabti, Late New Kingdom, ca. 1200-1075 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $780.00
Rare Greek Apulian Pseudo Pyxis, 325-300 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $780.00
Egyptian Bronze Figure of Bes, Ptolemaic Period, 323-30 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $580.00
Roman Bronze Eagle on Antelope, ex MuM, 2nd-3rd Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $1,450.00
Chin Khumi Skirt Abhaya Asian Antiques $160.00
Burmese Brass Gong Japanese Style Wooden Stand Mallet 19th Century Palmrose Asian Antiques $475.00
105" Long Yagioka Shunzan Meiji to Showa Scroll Painting Kakejiku Petrie-Rogers Gallery $450.00
Pair of Early Ming Dynasty stoneware incense burners, w TL test! Senatus Consulto $1,250.00