Pre-Columbian Head from Teotihuacan Antiqua Gallery $120.00
Pre-Columbian Head Antiqua Gallery $190.00
Chinese Yuan / Ming Dynasty Longquan Celadon Bowl BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART £185.00
Bes Faience Amulet Antiqua Gallery $170.00
Djed Faience Amulet from New Kingdom Antiqua Gallery $180.00
Pre-Columbian Moche culture parrot vessel, early fase, 200 BC-200 AD Senatus Consulto $275.00
Impressive large intact Byzantine pottery oil lamp, 5th.-7th. cent. AD Senatus Consulto $275.00
Wonderful Pre-columbian Lambayeque Jaguar vessel, ca. 700-900 AD Senatus Consulto $450.00
Ship's chest, funa dansu, Zelkova and Paulownia woods, forged iron Welcome To Another Century $2,000.00
Attractive Etruscan pottery Oinochoe w trefoil spout 6th century B.C Senatus Consulto $475.00
Very early stone relief stele of seated Buddha, Gandhara, 3rd. cent. Senatus Consulto $1,150.00
An exceptional Gandhara, scist relief, Greco-Roman style, 1st. cent Senatus Consulto $1,450.00
Scarce Pre-Columbian pottery bowl w faces, Costa Rica, ca. 400-700 AD Senatus Consulto $225.00
Japanese Antique Long Matchlock Tanagashima (gun) with Silver Dragon Zentner Collection $7,500.00
Japanese Antique Matchlock Tanagashima (gun) with Chrysanthemums Zentner Collection $5,500.00