Ritual funerary ceramic head, early Akan civilisation, 17th.-18th. c Senatus Consulto $295.00
Bronze Bracelet - Yoruba - Nigeria Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art €275.00
Antique Tuareg Pair of Tent Stakes 19th C. Wood Nomadic Carving Zentner Collection $4,800.00
Collection of 8 early Nigerian bronze currency Manillas, 16th.-18th. c Senatus Consulto $395.00
Nigeria African wooden figure of a Man, Yoruba people, 19th. cent. Senatus Consulto $275.00
Choice Ortodox Coptic Christian Magic Scroll, ca. 18th.-19th. cent Senatus Consulto $195.00
Fine Collection of African Currency bracelets or bars, 18th.-19th. c. Senatus Consulto $495.00
Pair of Yoruba Bronze Eden Ogboni staves, Nigeria, 19th. century Senatus Consulto $750.00
Exceptional Pair of Igbo Cast Brass Wrist Guards, 19th. century Senatus Consulto $895.00
Rare Lobi Bronze Antelope Stool - Fine African Sculpture E & M Perez $1,675.00
Important ancient 'alien' sculpture, Africa, Sierra Leone, pre 15th. c Senatus Consulto $650.00
West African Banko Funerary Terracotta Figure, 500-1300 AD Senatus Consulto $250.00
African carved helmet mask of a human head - Makonde Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $3,800.00
African carved Crocodile mask - Mano tribe Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $1,380.00
Chair Chokwe/Lwena Angola Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art €850.00
Antique Ethiopian Coptic scroll Asian Ethnic Artifacts $375.00
19th C Arkan Gold Weight Cast as Bird June Hastings $150.00