Pre-Columbian ~ NAZCA / NASCA ~ Polychrome Zoomorphic BOWL Galleria Verges $700.00
Pre-Columbian ~ Stone Spiked MACE HEAD Galleria Verges $700.00
Pre-Columbian ~ MOCHE ~ Polychrome Zoomorphic Stirrup Spout VESSEL Galleria Verges $700.00
Pre-Columbian ~ MAYAN ~ Polychrome Ceremonial INCENSE BURNER Galleria Verges $700.00
Pre-Columbian ~ MAYAN ~ Polychrome Terracotta Anthropomorphic BOWL Galleria Verges $700.00
Colima Hematite Miniature Effigy Axe C200BC w/video Ancient Artifacts $700.00
Jama-Coaque Pre Columbian terracotta head what pdx $695.00
Aztec Ceramic Pipe: Ex Dr. Heflin Ancient Artifacts $695.00
Large Pre-Columbian Moche Culture Stirrup vessel w Snakes! Senatus Consulto $695.00
Exceptional Colima Mexico pottery figurine, 100 B.C. - 500 A.D. Senatus Consulto $695.00
Chavin C1200BC-200BC Steatite and Stone Necklace what pdx $695.00
Large and exceptional Pre-Columbian Inca blackware Vessel! Senatus Consulto $695.00
Mayan Pre Columbian terracotta parrot head what pdx $695.00
Mayan Pre Columbian Malachite Azurite Standing Figure what pdx $685.00
Antique Mayan Obsidian Spear Point Blade Late Classic Hundred and One Antiques $680.00
Maya Carved Cylinder Arte Xibalba $675.00