Pre-Columbian Articulated Figure from Teotihuacan,Mex. tlapacoya $2,300.00
Vicus Snake and Mouse Vessel DAG Trading $2,200.00
Maya Jade Pendant Arte Xibalba $2,000.00
Moche Phase I Owl Vessel DAG Trading $2,000.00
Olmec Incised Jade Bead 3" 1200-600BC Ancient Artifacts $2000.00
Very Rare Nicoya Guanacaste Jade Tube Bead Ancient Artifacts $2,000.00
Beautiful Pre-Columbian Taino brown Stone Three Pointer Zemi! Senatus Consulto $1,950.00
Aztec Ceramic Duck Pipe : Ex Dr. Heflin Ancient Artifacts $1,900.00
18th C. Colonial Cuzquena School Crucifix, Cuzco Peru Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,900.00
Vera Cruz Warrior. Mexico. tlapacoya $1,900.00
Maya , Jaina Island, Pottery Warrior Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,900.00
Colima Pottery Rain God Tlaloc Incensario, Janus form Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,900.00
Veracruz Pottery Zoomorphic Priest Ocarina, Rattle Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,800.00
Two Aztec Pottery Ceremonial Censers with Portrait Head & Rattle Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,800.00
Pre-Columbian Tripod vessel quadrangular Culture Mexteca [10-11th C.] Galleria Verges $1,800.00