Pre Columbian Mayan stone figure what pdx $895.00
Taino Carved Engraved Bone Skull Pendant Ancient Artifacts $500.00
Chancay Lace Textile Panel Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $850.00
Nazca Textile Camelid Tunic Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $850.00
Pre-Columbian ~ MOCHICA ~ Ear FLARE Galleria Verges $175.00
Chimu Textile Panel with Nine Warrior Figures Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,500.00
Antique Pre-Columbian Jalisco Polychrome Ceramic Female Hundred and One Antiques $1,200.00
Antique Pre-Columbian, Chancay Terracotta effigy Lama Hundred and One Antiques $280.00
Ancient Colima Pre-Columbian Ceramic Effigy Vessel Hundred and One Antiques $500.00
Antique Pre-Columbian Tairona Culture Effigy Ocarina Hundred and One Antiques $780.00
Olmec Jade Standing Figure 5 1/4" 1200-600BC Ancient Artifacts E-mail for price
Colima Duck Effigy Arte Xibalba $950.00
Pre-Columbian ~ MOCHE ~ Silver CROWN Galleria Verges $250.00
Rio Magdalena Pottery Burial Urn, Woman riding a Sea Turtle Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $2,900.00