Ancient Moche solid cast silver Tumi Sceptre c 300 AD with Warriors
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Beautiful Pre-Columbian gold & silver cloak pin, 12th.-15th. c Senatus Consulto $225.00
Ex.Rare Inca 5 1/4" Copper Condor Effigy Knife found in Peru. Ancient Artifacts $500.00
Pre-Columbian Copper Masks Ancient Artifacts $450.00
Fine coll. of 3 Gold Tweezers, Pre-Columbian c. 600-1100 AD. Senatus Consulto $585.00
Colombian Gold Treasure Necklace 200BC-200AD Ancient Artifacts $20,000.00
Large and heavy Pre-Columbian Anthropomorphic gold Tweezer! Senatus Consulto $625.00
Collection Of Pre-Columbian silver dress pins, Inca, 12th.-15th. cent. Senatus Consulto $1,195.00
Coll. of 6 ChimĂș bronze Coca spoons with animal heads, 800-1200 AD Senatus Consulto $895.00
Reduced, was 1150.00
Ancient Moche solid cast silver Tumi Sceptre c 300 AD with Warriors what pdx $6,895.00
Inca-Silver-and-Gold-Deer-Cups-with-Report Inca-Silver-and-Gold-Deer what pdx $6,500.00
Peruvian Pre Columbian Moche lost wax cast copper beads what pdx $200.00
Very Rare Copper Awl C1250AD Ex. Dr. Heflin w/video Ancient Artifacts $500.00
18K Gold Bell from Colombia C400-1000AD Ancient Artifacts $2,500.00
Nayarit Gold and Silver Spiral Pendants C100-800AD Ancient Artifacts $1,500.00
High quality set of Pre-Columbian Inca silver vessels, 13th.-15th.c Senatus Consulto $1,850.00
Incan 18K Gold Female Idol 1300AD-1500AD Ancient Artifacts $2,500.00
Sale Pending
Pure 23K Gold Cup from Colombia 100-500AD Ancient Artifacts $4,000.00
Sale Pending