Pre-Columbian ~ MAYAN ~ Stone Jaguar Heads (4) MACE HEAD Galleria Vergès $700.00
Sinu Necklace Arte Xibalba $450.00
Extremely Rare Taino Stone Ceremonial Ballgame Ball Apolonia Ancient Art $3,675.00
Pre-Columbian ~ CHAVIN ~ Stone Zoomorphic MACE HEAD Galleria Vergès $600.00
Pre-Columbian ~ MAYAN ~ Large Carved Stone Anthropomorphic MORTAR Galleria Vergès $4,400.00
Mixtec Fox Pendant Arte Xibalba $400.00
Ex. Rare Costa Rican Jade Female Axe God 8 1/2" COA Ancient Artifacts $15,000.00
Guapiles Standing Warrior with a Trophy Head ARS HISTORICA ARCHAEOLOGY €3,000.00
Sinu Necklace Arte Xibalba $450.00
Pre-Columbian ~ INCA / INKA ~ Stone Llama / Alpaca CONOPA Galleria Vergès $100.00
Neolithic Peruvian Grey Stone Spear point what pdx $20.00
Mayan Pre Columbian Malachite Azurite Standing Figure what pdx $685.00
Chavin Quartz Crystal Pora with Cinnabar staining what pdx $3,895.00
Pre Columbian Sodalite Stone and Chrysocolla bead group lot what pdx $145.00
Costa Rica Pre Columbian Style Jade Avian Pendant what pdx $375.00
Sodalite Peruvian Moche style Pora what pdx $295.00
Nicoya Jade Pendant Arte Xibalba $400.00
Pre-Columbian Costa Rican Translucent Jade Bird Celt, COA, 300AD Ancient Artifacts $5000.00