Olmec Jade Maskette 3 COAs Ancient Artifacts $100,000.00
Olmec Museum Quality Masterpiece Quartz Plaque Unique COA Ancient Artifacts $100,000.00
Masterpiece Mayan Bone Carving Ancient Artifacts $30,000.00
A Frame of 100 Columbia River Gempoints With 5 Precious Opal Points Ancient Artifacts $30,000.00
Portrait of Christ in Gem Quality Emerald:1600's w/vid Ancient Artifacts $25,000.00
Native American large Zuni pottery olla with deer and roadrunner Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $25,000.00
Zuni Polychromed Wood Kachina Group, c.1920-1930 Alan Kessler Gallery $12,000.00
Pre-Columbian Mayan Translucent Jade Serpent Tube Pipe COA Ancient Artifacts $12,000.00
Pre-Columbian Mayan Cylinder Vase – Honduras. tlapacoya $8,900.00
Pre-Columbia Veracruz Stone Yoke tlapacoya $8,500.00
Pre-Columbian Mayan Decorated Cylinder. tlapacoya $8,500.00
Pre-Columbian Chuma Goldball Necklace tlapacoya $8,500.00
Paiute Beaded Full Size Baby Carrier c. 1900 Alan Kessler Gallery $8400.00
Pre-Columbian Teotihuacan Stone Figure tlapacoya $7,500.00
Prehistoric Axe Fossilized Petrified Wood Handle w/vid Ancient Artifacts $7,500.00
Pre-Columbian Translucent Costa Rican Jade Figure Pendant 300-700AD Ancient Artifacts $7,500.00