Chimu Wood Staff Arte Xibalba $850.00
Zuni Rainbow Man Pin Alan Kessler Gallery On Request
Ancient Axe Figure Mezcala, Pre Columbian (300-100 BC) Hundred and One Antiques $980.00
Ancient Ceramic Pre Columbian Mayan Polychrome Bowl Hundred and One Antiques $480.00
Wyoming Pelican Lake Moss Agate Ancient Artifacts $500.00
Extremely Rare Eden Arrowhead from Oregon Bogwood Ancient Artifacts $1,800.00
Iroquois Beaded Whimsey Purse, 1907 Blackbird Hill Antiques $295.00
Various Petrified Wood Arrowheads Ancient Artifacts $695.00
"Southern Plains German Silver Brooch c.1890-1900" Alan Kessler Gallery $800.00
Very Rare Nicoya Guanacaste Jade Tube Bead Ancient Artifacts $1,000.00
Rare Archaic Bone Point Nightfire Carrol Howe Pictured Ancient Artifacts $200.00
Bone Points from Columbia River, Oregon, Pictured Ancient Artifacts $600.00
Exceptional Chancay Wood Loom Stick C1000AD w/video Ancient Artifacts $350.00