Roman Gold and Silver Glass Mosaic Palmetto Design Border
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XL bone spindle whorl, Sasanian / Byzantine, c. 3rd.-7th. cent. AD Senatus Consulto $95.00
Rare preserved wooden oblat / bread stamp, Byzantine, 8th-10th. c. Senatus Consulto $275.00
Massive & wearable ancient bronze ring, Byzantine, c. 10th. cent. Senatus Consulto $95.00
Ancient Byzantine Bronze Reliquary Reliquary Cross 9th-12th century A. Hundred and One Antiques $650.00
Ancient Medieval Byzantine Bronze Pectoral Cross 6th-11th century A.D. Hundred and One Antiques $550.00
Nice set of three bronzes - fibula, clasp and a beltstrap Senatus Consulto $95.00
Byzantine silver seal ring, early medieval style, 10th.-12th. cent. Senatus Consulto $135.00
A fine Byzantine gilt bronze stamp seal, 5th - 8th Century AD. Senatus Consulto $95.00
Attractive Byzantine bronze seal ring w. angels, c. 6th.-8th. cent. AD Senatus Consulto $150.00
Nice bronze stamp seal with engraving of bird, Byzantine, c.10th. cent Senatus Consulto $125.00
Inscribed stone stele Iberian Peninsula, Visigoths 5th. cent. AD Senatus Consulto $650.00
Large and attractive Late Roman - Byzantine bronze bell, 4th.-8th. c. Senatus Consulto $165.00
A rare and interesting smal bronze beaker, Byzantine, ca. 5th.-8th. c. Senatus Consulto $145.00
Set of 5 large Byzantine silver bell hangers, c. 7th.-10th. century AD Senatus Consulto $250.00
Choice silver ring with domed bezel and a cross, Byzantine! Senatus Consulto $150.00
Byzantine / Islamic Early Medieval bronze seal ring 6th.-8th. cent. Senatus Consulto $85.00
Massive ancient Byzantine / Early Islamic bronze ring, 6th.-9th. c. AD Senatus Consulto $150.00