Ancient egyptian faience shabti for Hor 9,8 cm. A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €599.00
Late Roman / Byzantine textile w. Zoomorphic animals, 4th.-6th. cent. Senatus Consulto $450.00
Ancient Egyptian Faience Amulets of Ankh Cross Zentner Collection $750.00
Ancient Egyptian Scarab JFF Ancient Art €420.00
Egyptian Cache II Shabti for Nesy-per-nub, 21st Dynasty, 1069-945 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $9,800.00
Ancient Egyptian Open-Worked Scarab for Amenemhat III JFF Ancient Art €1,200.00
Fayence green motto scarab 1,6cm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €169.00
Nice Egypt faiance amulet of Thot Late period, 600/332 BC Senatus Consulto Sold
Egyptian Faience Shabti, Late Period, 664-332 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $700.00
Ancient egyptian steatite white motto scarab 11mm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €259.00
Ancient Egyptian faience beaded mummy mask, 600 BC AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY On Request
Faience Shabti Figure Late Period 9,3 cm YourCollection $199.00
Egyptian, Ptolemaic Pottery Vessel of a Recumbent Lion Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $1,750.00
Egyptian Head from a Wood Figure, Middle Kingdom, 2040-1782 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $3,600.00