Unusual Steatite stone scarab, Egypt New Kingdom, 16th.-11th. cent BC Senatus Consulto $295.00
Egyptian Faience White and Yellow Lotus Petal Amulet 3,2 cm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €320.00
Fine Byzantine multi-coloured textile, Coptic Egypt, 6th.-7th. cent. Senatus Consulto $295.00
Egyptian Faience Amarna palm leaf Amulet 2,7 cm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €240.00
Egyptian Terracotta Ushabti Relics of the Nile $90.00
Egyptian Terracotta Head, Late Period, 664-332 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $890.00
A good larger Steatite Scarab, Egypt, New Kingdom, 15th.-11th. cent Senatus Consulto $125.00
Ancient Egyptian Faience Bes Head Amulet JFF Ancient Art €970.00
Ancient Egyptian Scarab JFF Ancient Art €420.00
A COPTIC WOODEN COMB Biblical Artifacts On Request
an egyptian ushabti galerie Cecile Kerner Sold
Egyptian nacklace with faience beads and Shu amulet. - c. 19,89 inches A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €120.00
Larger Coptic Christian textile, Egypt, ca. 4th.-6th. century AD Senatus Consulto $150.00
Reduced, was $195