Ancient Egyptian Scarab, 300 BC or older, Mitry Collection Horizon Ancient Arts USD $75.00
Egyptian Fragment of the Riding Harpokrates, 1st-2nd Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $320.00
Nice Marble funerary amulet, Egypt, 2nd.-1st. mill. BC Senatus Consulto $150.00
Ancient Egyptian Upper Part of a Faience Sistrum JFF Ancient Art €780.00
Egyptian Faience White and Yellow Lotus Petal Amulet 3,2 cm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €320.00
Scarab Thutmosis III / Reign 1479–1425 BC / 11mm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €399.00
Egyptian Faience Shabti for Ipethemetes. The best on the market. A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €2,999.00
Shabti for Hor or Hori Overseer A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts On Request
Ancient egyptian Faience blue - green faience scarab. - 6×4.1 cm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €220.00
Ancient egyptian faience Shabti "Osiris; justified" 6cm. A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €349.00
Egyptian steatite scarab stamp seal, Hyksos Period Senatus Consulto $125.00
Large Egyptian red stone amulet, c. 2nd. mill. BC Senatus Consulto Sold
Detailed Roman-Egyptian Terracotta Head of Serapis Relics of the Nile $275.00
Large Egyptian stone heart scarab, 1st. millenium BC Senatus Consulto $275.00
A Pair of Egyptian Bronze and alabaster Eyes & Eyebrows AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY Sold
Ancient Egyptian Silver Frog Amulet JFF Ancient Art €1,400.00
Ancient Egyptian predynastic stone mace-head, 3000 BC AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY On Request