Ancient Egyptian Hathor Sistrum Fragment - ca. 9,6 cm JFF Ancient Art €860.00
Ancient Egyptian Bronze Figure of Osiris, 664-342 BC Hundred and One Antiques $680.00
Seated Bronze Figure of Anubis On a throne what pdx $895.00
Rare Egyptian quadruple eye of Horus inlaid amulet TimesAncient Sold
Modern bracelet made out of antique fayence pearls 19,6cm 7,7 inch. A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €299.00
Ancient Egyptian Faience Amulet Of Bes Playing Tambourine 2 cm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts Sold
Egyptian Hyksos Faience Beads Necklace,1500 BC AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY Sold
Beautiful Egyptian Mask With Red Face! Ca. 600 BC! Relics of the Nile $2,350.00
Moto Scarab 2,2 cm. A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €249.00
Egyptian Amarna Faience Blue Floral Amulet 1,1 cm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €200.00
Egyptian Boys with Little Dog, Published 1921, 200-225 AD Ostracon Ancient Art Sold
Ancient egyptian faience ushabti for Padusir - 19,6cm A.v.d.B Egyptian Artefacts €14,900.00
Ancient Egyptian Upper Part of a Faience Sistrum JFF Ancient Art €780.00
Rare Egyptian pottery figure of Thot as Baboon, 5th.-1st. century BC. Senatus Consulto $450.00
Rare Faience Egyptian Amulets Zentner Collection $1,500.00