Rare intact Egyptian Torquise faiance Ushabti, 21st. dynasty Senatus Consulto $595.00
AN ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WOOD ANUBIS Explorer Ancient Art $1,200.00
Nice Ancient Egyptian Shabti for Hor, born of RuRu JFF - Ancient Art €780.00
Ancient Egyptian Faience Set of three Sons of Horus - 6,6 cm JFF - Ancient Art €769.00
Nice and Large Ancient Egyptian Wedjat Eye Amulet - 4,7 cm JFF - Ancient Art €429.00
Egyptian Faience Shabti for Hor, Late Period, 664-332 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $680.00
Egyptian Shabti, Ptolemaic Period, 306-30 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $280.00
Ancient Egyptian Glazed Steatite Cowroid, 18th Dynasty JFF - Ancient Art €129.00
Egyptian Fayenze Shabti for Padiusir Ifergan Gallery €800.00
Rare Egyptian Scaraboid with Baboon and Cartouche for Ramesses II JFF - Ancient Art €349.00
Ushabti Figure for Irynefer Pegasus Gallery Antiquities $2,260.00
Thoth (Djehuti)depicted as Baboon Composite Amulet Pegasus Gallery Antiquities $240.00
Romano-Egyptian Isis-Aphrodite Fragment Pegasus Gallery Antiquities $314.00
Provenanced Important Ushabtis section for Prince Hornakht - Son of Os Pegasus Gallery Antiquities $1,883.00
Provenanced Egyptian Wall Fragment with Royal Cartouch with Neb or Lor Pegasus Gallery Antiquities $3,995.00
Provenanced Egyptian Cartouch with Amen translation possible Amenhotep Pegasus Gallery Antiquities $3,760.00
Flinders Petrie Ushabti for Pas-User-Imn Pegasus Gallery Antiquities $998.00