Scarce Late Anatolian stamp seal in red Jasper, 1st. mill. BC Senatus Consulto $150.00
Islamic bowl with Torquise and cream glace, 11th. century Senatus Consulto $150.00
Reduced, was $275
Old Babylonian cylinder in blackstone, c. 2000-1800 BC Senatus Consulto $150.00
Choice Luristan bronze figural amulet of two stags, 2nd. mill. BC Senatus Consulto $150.00
AN UMAYYAD FALS Venus Galleries $150.00
Rare Sassanian, Sassanid Dynasty Rock Crystal Stamp seal! Senatus Consulto $150.00
Nice Early Syro-Mesopotamian Cylinder seal with animals! Senatus Consulto $150.00
Scarce Anatolian stone stamp seal, ca. 4th.-3rd. millenium BC Senatus Consulto $145.00
3 Near Eastern 8th c Wound Glass beads v9 what pdx $145.00
Ancient Persian Tube Glass Bead Hundred and One Antiques $125.00
Middle Assyrian black stone Cylinder seal ca. 1400-1200 BC Senatus Consulto $125.00
Ancient Islamic threaded glass evil eye protection bead 300 -1000 AD what pdx $125.00
Earl Pre-Dynastic Anatolian stamp seal in grey stone, Neolithic period Senatus Consulto $125.00
Ancient Western Asia 'Luristan' bronze standard, 1200-800 BC Senatus Consulto $125.00
Scarce Anatolian Hittite seal with Centaur, ca. 2nd. mill. BC Senatus Consulto $125.00
Interesting rare stamp seal, Levantine, 1st. millenium BC Senatus Consulto $125.00
Sassanian Carnelian Seal Intaglio, Early, 3rd.-4th. cent. AD Senatus Consulto $125.00
Ancient Luristan Bronze Cloak’s Pin, 12th -8th c. BC Hundred and One Antiques $120.00