A pair of fine Ancient Greco-Roman Gold pendants, 6,77 grams! Senatus Consulto $450.00
Rare Islamic gold seal ring ca. 16th.-17th. century AD! Senatus Consulto $375.00
Scarce Sassanian Stamp Seal in solid silver, 3th.-5th. century AD! Senatus Consulto $185.00
Rare Islamic bronze Mace Head, ca. 10th.-11th. cent Senatus Consulto $650.00
Rare Ancient Near Eastern Bronze 4 Leg Kohl Makeup bottle what pdx $1,250.00
Excessively rare and superb Islamic bronze Mace Head, 11th. cent Senatus Consulto $2,850.00
Large and important Pre-Achaemenid Silver Phiale, 1st. mill. BC! Senatus Consulto $1,650.00
Ancient Persian bronze dagger with a decorated handle, 1000 B.C AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY $2,850.00
Persian solid bronze torque 1800 - 1600 BC AWEIDAH GALLERY - JERUSALEM BASED GALLERY $875.00
'Luristan' ancient bronze short sword, Western Asia 1200 BC Senatus Consulto $395.00
Attractive heavy Seljuk bronze seal ring, ca. 12th. century AD Senatus Consulto $95.00
Partner of Torques J. Bagot Arqueología - Ancient Art $2,600.00
An Ancient Luristan Bronze Horsebit Circa 9th-7th century B.C. Hundred and One Antiques $3,500.00
High quality Bactrian bronze stamp seal, 3rd.-early 2nd. mill BC Senatus Consulto $95.00
Large Detailed Bronze Luristan Spear Relics of the Nile $275.00
Ancient Luristan Bronze Standard Finial "Master of Animals", # 2. Galerie Hafner $1,800.00
shipping included
Ancient Luristan Bronze Standard Finial "Master of Animals", # 1. Galerie Hafner $1,800.00
shipping included
Large & superb Luristan Western Asia bronzeage bronze dagger! Senatus Consulto $395.00