A Group of four Chinese Porcelain Cups LIUHEXUAN Gallery $300.00
Early 20th C., Showa, Japanese Wooden Lower Table AntiqueTica.com $850.00
FISH YOKOGI hotoke antiques $200.00
Antique Korean Large Bedside Chest Zentner Collection $3,000.00
Japanese Satsuma Vase Signed Yabu Meizan Golden Age Antiques $15000.00
SHARKSKIN HIIRE t a t a m i $300.00
14th Century, RARE Sukhothai Bronze Seated Buddha AntiqueTica.com $20,000.00
17th Century, Shan, RARE Burmese Bronze Seated Crowned Buddha AntiqueTica.com $8,340.00
KISHIMOJIN t a t a m i $200.00
16th Century, Shan, Burmese Bronze Seated Buddha with Gilded Gold AntiqueTica.com
Ming Sancai Sedan Chair Abhaya Asian Antiques $220.00
Chinese Zitan Wood Scholar Brusgpot LIUHEXUAN Gallery $1,600.00
SUMITORI OF GOURD t a t a m i $230.00
Early 19c netsuke SEVEN NUTS by SARI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $2,250.00
Netsuke ONI with Okame mask by MEIZAN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $475.00
19c netsuke TOY CAT Dmitry Levit Asian Art $475.00
19c ceramic netsuke ACTOR in SHOJO role Dmitry Levit Asian Art $125.00
Chinese White Jade Phoenix Pendant, with Green Jade Beaded Chain Helen M Edwards $450.00