Antique Japanese Ceramic 'Rutsubo" Crucible Ca. 1930 Kodo Arts $850.00
Antique Japanese Nyorai Wood Buddha Ca. 1885 Kodo Arts $450.00
Ki-Lin in cast bronze as Mirror holder. 13-16th century. Conservatoire Sakura $1,900.00
Guanyin in cast bronze. China Tang dynasty. 7-9th century. Conservatoire Sakura $700.00
A Chinese amber glazed jar; Han dynasty Alexander E Grace Ltd £400.00
White jade pendant representing a goose. Qing Dynasty. Conservatoire Sakura $3,800.00
Chinese jade jewelry from the Ming mounted on a box. 16th century Conservatoire Sakura $1,700.00
Balinese Antique Barong Dance Mask Zentner Collection $1,100.00
Japanese Antique Wooden Bugaku Mask Zentner Collection $2,250.00
Bronze vase in the shape of Khou. China Qing period 18th century Conservatoire Sakura $700.00
Japanese vase in sentoku inlaid with précious metals. Japan late 19° C Conservatoire Sakura $20,000.00
Fine & Rare Chinese Yuan Dynasty Black Pottery Horse & Groom + TL Test BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART GBP £3,500.00
Sale Price (was £ 6,000 )
Fine & Rare Large Chinese Yuan Dynasty Burnished Black Pottery Horse BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART GBP £2,000.00
Sale Price (was £ 3,500)
Chinese Tang Dynasty Painted Pottery Horse (AD 618 - 906) BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART GBP £320.00
Sale price (was £395)