Chinese Yuan flower vase
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Chinese Yuan flower vase Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $3,750.00
Large Tibetan or Nepal Gau, Gilt Silver, Turquoise, Copper Back E & M Perez $725.00
2 scarce Chinte / Toe bronze Opium weights of 2 tical, 18th. cent. Senatus Consulto $100.00
Antique Islamic Central Asian Brass Ewer Bukhara Samarkand Hundred and One Antiques $900.00
Antique Indo Persian Islamic Copper Teapot Ewer Bukhara Samarkand Hundred and One Antiques $750.00
Antique Islamic Brass Banner Standard Finial Alam Central Asia - India Hundred and One Antiques $600.00
Rare Chinte / Lion bronze opium weight with elaborately decorated base Senatus Consulto $135.00
Discounted, was 195.00
An Indian Bronze Figure of Sri Devi 18/19thC C.P.Sheffield £225.00
Pair of early bronze opium weights of Lion and Snake, Laos & Burma Senatus Consulto $135.00
Belt buckle iron and brass Conservatoire Sakura $400.00
Rare Bronze Plate, Bactrian Civilisation AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €900.00
Antique Sino Tibetan Buddhist Bell Ghanta and Vajra Ming Dynasty Hundred and One Antiques $3,000.00
Antique Buddhist Dhakya Silver Cup Stand with Cover 19th century Tibet Hundred and One Antiques $1,700.00
Antique Tibetan Silver and Gold Inlaid Tea Bowl 13-14th Century Tibet Hundred and One Antiques $2,800.00
A Rare Miniature Buddhist Amulet, Gandhara, Ca. 3rd Century AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €450.00
Antique Bronze Nepalo-Tibetan White Tara Zentner Collection $10,000.00
Bronze Cylinder Seal, Bactria, ca. 400 BC AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €250.00