Rare Large Chinese Cobalt Blue Jar- 18th Century JJ Oriental $10,000.00
Chinese Huanghuali Altar Table Zentner Collection $7,000.00
Chinese Silk Embroidered Carpet Chakra Asian Art $10,000.00
Chinese Antique Silk Robe With Flowers And Butterflies Zentner Collection $10,000.00
Chinese Antique Bronze Ding Tripod with Jade Finial Zentner Collection $10,000.00
Early Ming cup. Excellent painting, around year 1400 - 1450 Brasegard Antiques $10,000.00
Large Chinese Tang Tomb Guardian Warrior 618 - 907 AD JJ Oriental $10,000.00
Palace Jar, Kangxi ( 1662 - 1722 ) Brasegard Antiques $9,900.00
Chinese Neolithic Jade Ceremonial Harvesting Blade Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Chinese Antique Silk Embroidered Panel with Fu-dogs Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Chinese Ink Evening Landscape Painting Zentner Collection $9,500.00
A Sino-Tibetan Chorten Tushita Antiques & Fine Arts Gallery $9,500.00
Chinese Antique Nangyang Serpentine Scholar's Table Screen Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Large and Rare Transitional Period (1635-1650) Bowl The Bodhisattva Collection $9,500.00
Chinese Mille Fleur Polychrome Porcelain Plate Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Antique Tibeto-Chinese Gilt Bronze Yamantaka and Consort Dragon's Pearl $9,500.00
Autenthic Bronze Buddha Amitayus Wuliangshou Fo, Qianlong 1770 Dragon's Pearl $9,200.00