Chinese Xuantong bowl Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd Sold
MOSS AGATE Snuff Bottle, C. 1760-1860 Forestangel Asian Antiques Sold
Early Celadon and Russet Jade Snuff Bottle, 1730- 1780 Forestangel Asian Antiques Sold
19th C., Peking Glass Black Overlay Snuff Bottle , "Nine Bronze Vessel Forestangel Asian Antiques Sold
Chinese bronze bell Conservatoire Sakura Sold
Tripod bronze incense burner Xuande Mark. Conservatoire Sakura Sold
Tang Dynasty White Glazed Tripod Dish DingShang Art and Antiques Sold
Silk velvet panel Kien-long period Qing dynasty Conservatoire Sakura Sold
A Chinese Bronze Attendant L Ming C.P.Sheffield Sold