China Xinjiang Sinkiang Old carpet Qing The Tretiak Collection 20000.00 RMB
A fine Chinese bamboo libation cup. 17th Century. david baker oriental art $19200.00
Rare Northern Song dynasty Ding chrysanthemum vertical bowl Violet East Gallery $19,000.00
Chinese Painted Earthenware Tomb Figure, Western Han Dynasty L'Asie Exotique $18,000.00
Rare early Ming Longquan large chrysanthemum dish perfect conditions Violet East Gallery $18,000.00
Fine Ming Dynasty Jade Horse Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $18,000.00
china bronze wild pig The Tretiak Collection 18,000.00 rmb
A white reticulated 'deer' plaque. 14th-16th century. david baker oriental art $15500.00
A Chinese gray celadon jade carving. 17th Century. david baker oriental art $15400.00
Chinese silk embroidered tapestry Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $15,000.00
Very Large Rare Chinese Song Vase (Jar)- 960 -1126 AD JJ Oriental $15,000.00
Rare Chinese Three Drawer Blackwood Hongmu Table-19th Century JJ Oriental $15,000.00
Chinese Northern Song Dynasty Yaozhou Celadon Carved Dish GuYi Asian Art and Antiques $15,000.00
A celadon jade vase carved as a tree trunk. Ming dyn. david baker oriental art $14000.00