Large Old Chinese Water Dragon Roof Tile June Hastings $3,000.00
Pair of Tall, Heavily Carved Chinese Doors, Early 19th C. Ancient East $2,195.00
Pair of Antique Chinese Door Panels, Qing Ancient East $1,495.00
Carved Gilt Wooden Panel 19th Century The Beantree Collection $165.00
Gilt Wooden Sculpture 19th century The Beantree Collection $90.00
Wooden Gilt Sculpture 19th Century The Beantree Collection $100.00
Chinese Green Pottery Garden Column, Horse, Deer, Hawk & Monkey design Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $150.00
Antique Chinese collapsing wood and bamboo double pillow Qing Dynasty Asian Ethnic Artifacts $350.00
Chinese Foo dog statue Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $850.00
Wall Sculpture Scene of Scholar Laborer, Ming 17th C June Hastings $4,500.00
Grand Chinese Hardwood Presentation Plaque, Dated 1817 Ancient East $2,995.00
Chinese Wood Warrior Riding Mythical Beast, 19th C June Hastings $375.00
Chinese Carved Wooden Fu-Dog Zentner Collection Pending