Pair of Tall Carved Chinese Doors, Early 19th C. Ancient East $2,960.00
Such cute old lion family lisagallery On Request
Chinese Wooden Elephant Bracket, Circa 1850 June Hastings $345.00
Very rare song dynasty brick with feitian buddha lisagallery $700.00
Pair of Antique Chinese Door Panels, Qing Ancient East $1,865.00
Elegant song dynasty tile lisagallery $2500.00
A Set of 6 Beautifully Carved Elmwood Screens The Vanishing Heavens Please Contact for Price
A Set of Six Beautifully Grained Chinese Screens The Vanishing Heavens $3,250.00
Please Contact for Price
Rare Chinese Wood Plaque with Cat, Qing Dynasty June Hastings $295.00
Architectural Qing Panel Carved with Auspicious Symbols Silk Road Gallery $690.00
Antique Chinese wood carving of dragons and pearl Asian Ethnic Artifacts $355.00
Unusual Architectural Wooden Foo Dog, 19th C June Hastings $650.00
Round Panel Carved with Chinese Opera Scene Silk Road Gallery $250.00
Chinese Architectural Wood Carving of Dragon The China Coast $675.00
Antique Chinese carved Buddhist Temple Panel inlay MOP Asian Ethnic Artifacts $343.00
Antique Chinese deeply carved Temple Panel inlaid MOP Asian Ethnic Artifacts $343.00
Chinese Carved Martial Arts Scenes Wood Panel Silk Road Gallery $250.00
Carved Panel Chinese Official Riding Chilin Silk Road Gallery $350.00