Chinese Antique Puppet of an Opera Figure Zentner Collection $575.00
Antique Chinese Cantonese Puppet Bhadrakalpa On Request
Antique Chinese Glove Puppet Bhadrakalpa On Request
Antique Porcelain Nodding Figures Zentner Collection $275.00
Chinese Door of Hope Doll Farmer Straw Raincoat Asian Ethnic Artifacts $1,670.00
Chinese Door of Hope woman doll Asian Ethnic Artifacts $1,170.00
Family set of 5 Chinese dolls Asian Ethnic Artifacts $275.00
Antique Chinese farmer doll with raincoat Asian Ethnic Artifacts $85.00
18th Century Pottery Figure SEBASTIAN ASIAN ART AND ANTIQUES USD 395.00
Pair of Chinese Puppets Late Qing Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art Sold