Chinese 18th Century Zitan Luohan Day Bed The Zentner Collection On Request
Exquisite Pair of Chinese Huanghuali Horseshoe Back Arm Chairs The Zentner Collection On Request
Chinese Sculptured Root Stand - Qing Early 19th Century JJ Oriental $1,250.00
Baotou Runner Abhaya Asian Antiques $450.00
Fine Antique Chinese Elm Bed, 19th C. Ancient East $2,400.00
Rare Chinese Blackwood Hungmu Cabinet with Original Stand -Early 1850 JJ Oriental On Request
Pr. Chinese Rosewood inlaid square low Table Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $750.00
Chinese Rosewood 3 Tier Table, heavy hardwood Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $1,250.00
Chinese Antique 17th Century Haunghuali Altar Table The Zentner Collection On Request
A Fine Chinese Lacquer and Carved Gilt-Wood Opium Bed, Qing, 19th C. Ancient East $4,800.00
Chinese Blackwood Hongmu Scholar's Table Chest - 19th Century JJ Oriental $875.00
Antique Chinese Red Lacquer Cabinet The Zentner Collection $2,200.00
19th century Chinese Semi-Hardwood Provincial Style Altar Table L'Asie Exotique $7,500.00
Pair Chinese Blackwood Hongmu Humpback Chairs 18th Century JJ Oriental $5,500.00
26" tall Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $650.00
Ming Dynasty Bed Abhaya Asian Antiques $800.00
ANTIQUE CHINESE DRAGON BENCH Daniel Simhon Fine Art $1,500.00
A Wood Box in Beautiful Carved Pattern Roy Hu's Asian Art $680.00