Han Jade Carving of a Chimera, Bixie Animal JJ Oriental $785.00
Chinese carving of a lotus pod 17/18 C. Nirvana Oriental Antiques Please ask for price
Chinese Lapis Lazuli Carved Plaque on Wood Stand NY ANTIQUES $6,800.00
Rear Turquoise Tibetan Necklace - 19th Century JJ Oriental $875.00
Chinese Han Dragon Jade Bangle - 206BC - 220AD JJ Oriental $875.00
Chinese jade mounted silver enameled box Nirvana Oriental Antiques $2,300.00
Chinese jade vase in finger citron shape Nirvana Oriental Antiques On Request
chinese jade guard with iron Marc Delorme €1,200.00
Fine Archaistic Chinese Jade Carving of an axe in greyish Nephrite! Senatus Consulto $250.00
Heavy Chinese white and russet Jade Nephrite pendant! Senatus Consulto $275.00
A stunning Chinese jade carving pendant of a seal! Senatus Consulto $250.00
Choice Chinese Jade Nephrite pendant or plaque! Senatus Consulto $250.00
Chinese White and black Jade Nephrite pendant w Dragon & Phoenix Senatus Consulto $250.00
Chinese Pink Agate Lotus Carved Lidded Snuff Vase illustrious $500.00
Fine style Chinese archaistic white & russet Nephrite Jade seal Senatus Consulto $650.00
Fine style Chinese archaistic white & russet Nephrite Jade beaker! Senatus Consulto $1,450.00
A rare and superb Chinese brown and celadon Jade Nephrite bowl! Senatus Consulto $650.00
Choice fat Chinese celadon Jade Nephrite carving of a Bi-Disc Senatus Consulto $295.00