Chinese Silver and Coral Bracelet Late Qing Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €650.00
Chinese Silver Filigree Bracelet with Enamel and Chrysoprase Dragon's Pearl $750.00
5 China Jade peach design box The Tretiak Collection
China hanging jade bottle hetian The Tretiak Collection
China Qianlong jade ruyi The Tretiak Collection
Rare Ancient Blue Glass Bead Necklace - 2000 yrs. old JJ Oriental $575.00
A Beautiful Antique Chinese Silver Agate Bracelet Signed Asian Art Online $650.00
Chinese Song Jade Bi Pendant - 960 - 1126 AD JJ Oriental $575.00
Chinese Gilded Silver Cinnabar Bar Pin Circa 1900 Bear and Raven Antiques $125.00
Chinese Qing Dynasty Carved Jadeite Jade Sterling Brooch Pin C.1900's Phoenix Jewelry $800.00
Chinese Tang Jade Bangle Bracelet - 618-907 AD JJ Oriental $1,200.00
Chinese Silver Needlecase Late Qing Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €175.00
Art Deco 14K Gold Large Chinese Hand Carved Jadeite Jade Pendant Phoenix Jewelry $1,300.00
Antique Qing Dynasty Chinese Carved Jadeite Jade Link Bracelet Phoenix Jewelry $600.00
Chinese Late Qing Silver Necklace Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €250.00
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Carved Natural Lavender Jade Pendant Phoenix Jewelry $450.00
Chinese Han Jade Pendant with Two Phoenix Birds. Han Dynasty JJ Oriental $1,275.00
Chinese scrimshaw pin with silver wire mount c 1890 Bear and Raven Antiques $105.00