Han Dynasty Chinese Bronze Plaque 2ezr Inquire
Late 19C Chinese Paktong 3 Pieces Calligraphy Incense Clock Mk 8tiger Inquire
Chinese Archaic Bronze Ding (tipod ritual food vessel) The Zentner Collection On Request
A marked, gilt-splashed tripod bronze censer EDMUND GRUNDNER Asiatica - Ethnographica €1,600.00
A cast iron burner- rare Ming Tianqi mark & period Mikael Jaspers €375.00
Shipping included
17C Chinese Bronze Donkey Dragon Saddle 2ezr Inquire
Chinese bronze censer Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $1,350.00
Ming gilt bronze censer Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $3,800.00
Large Chinese bronze incense-burner Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $4,250.00
Chinese Song/Yuan dynasty bronze vase Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $3,000.00
19C Chinese Paktong Baitong Inlay Hand Warmer Figure & Deer 2ezr Upon Inquqiry
Chinese Bronze Scroll Weight of Two Horses Helen M Edwards $1,950.00
Ancient Chinese Bronze Tripod Vessel Ding - 475-221 BC JJ Oriental $2,800.00
Zhang Mingqi ( Chang Ming-ch’i ) A fine copper alloy handwarmer, seal. Hawkes, Asian Art £1,495.00
Chinese Bronze Beast Head censer Helen M Edwards $1,190.00
Chinese Qing Dyn 18th Century Bronze Tripod Censer, Wu Bangzuo 16,5 cm SEBASTIAN ASIAN ART AND ANTIQUES $8,500.00
17C Chinese Bronze Tripod Censer Incense Burner Elephant 2ezr Inquire
A large cast iron burner- Kangxi mark & period Mikael Jaspers €375.00