Chinese Sancai Glazed Ming Horse w/Saddle - 15th Century JJ Oriental $2,800.00
Dragon Ceramic Cup, China, Han Dynasty AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €700.00
Song Dynasty Powder Box The Beantree Collection $120.00
Chinese Tang Dynasty Xing Yao Jar SEBASTIAN ASIAN ART AND ANTIQUES $2,000.00
Chinese Ming Dynasty Roof Tile Figure Turquoise Demon Guardian Asian Art Online $1,250.00
Chinese Han Green Glazed Vase with Hunting Scenes - 206 BC -220 AD JJ Oriental $7,500.00
Han Kneeling Figure Abhaya Asian Antiques $170.00
Rare Chinese Tang Sancai Plate with Matching Cups 618 AD - 907 AD JJ Oriental $3,750.00
Han Dynasty Incense Burner Abhaya Asian Antiques $350.00
Eastern Wei Dynasty, Chinese Painted Pottery Horse and Court Lady $2,670.00
Han Dynasty, Large Chinese Painted Pottery Horse Torso $8,350.00
Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot (171) SEBASTIAN ASIAN ART AND ANTIQUES $700.00
Han Dynasty, Chinese Pottery Standing Sheep
Han Dynasty, Chinese Pottery Standing Sheep
Yuan Dynasty Celadon Cup Meiji Bijutsu On Request
Song Dynasty Jarlet The Beantree Collection $225.00
Song Dynasty Celadon Jarlet The Beantree Collection $200.00
Huge Chinese Neolithic Machang or Xindian Painted Pottery Jar Senatus Consulto $395.00