Mahakala Abhaya Asian Antiques $500.00
Ming Wood Court Official Abhaya Asian Antiques $550.00
South East Asian antique wood guardian figure head Tribal Art Antiques £550.00
A bronze figure of a Daoist official holding a tablet Dragon's Pearl $1,000.00
Chinese Jade Carved Guanyin Statue NY ANTIQUES $11,000.00
Chinese Gilt Bronze Buddha Sitting on Lion Statue NY ANTIQUES $7,500.00
Chinese Jade Carved "Deity" Boulder NY ANTIQUES $15,000.00
Chinese Shoushan Soap Stone Guanyin Statue NY ANTIQUES $12,000.00
15th Century Ming Dynasty Stucco Head of an Official J R Richards $1,700.00
Statue of Chao Kung Ming, China, 19th C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €400.00
Red Sea Carved Coral of Ancient One le Monde Gallery On Request
Qing Hardwood Carving Shou Lao E & M Perez $365.00
19th Century, Qing Dynasty, Chinese Bronze Cloisonne Vase On Request
Rare large Chinese bronze figure of Shou Lao, Ming Dynasty! Senatus Consulto $2,350.00
19th Century, Qing Dynasty, Chinese Wooden Monkey $250.00
Northern Qi Soldier Abhaya Asian Antiques $320.00
Small Buddhist Altar, China, Northern Wei Dynasty AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €1,400.00
Jade Carving le Monde Gallery On Request