Chinese Wood and Lacquered Figure of Fugen The Zentner Collection Sold
Chinese Bamboo Carving of a Sage PRAJNAGALLERY Sold
A Very Fine Ming Bronze of Guanyin, 16th-17th cent The Bodhisattva Collection Sold
A Wood Seated Lohan of Ming Dynasty,1368-1644 Roy Hu's Asian Art Sold
A Silver Buddha On Lotus 19th Century Phoenix Asian Art Sold
Unusual Statue of Vairocana, China, Early Ming Dynasty AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques Sold
Chinese Ming Dynasty Bronze Attendant Crouching Dragon Antiques Sold
Chinese Boxwood Sculpture of Warrior on a Horse Japanese Art Site Sold
A Finely Carved Limestone Figure Of Buddha of Tang Dy. Roy Hu's Asian Art Sold
19C Chinese Tibetan Bronze Buddha Quan Yin Arms Hands 8tiger Sold
Three Faced Wooden Buddhist Deity The Zentner Collection Sold
Chinese Ming Dynasty Seated Buddha The Zentner Collection Sold
Fine Pair of 17th Century Chinese Foo Dogs of Sandstone Korean Art and Antiques Sold
A Sandstone Lohan Head of Northern Song Dynasty (AD960- Roy Hu's Asian Art Sold
A Finely Carved Boxwood Figure~18th Century Neda Arts Sold
A Carved Huanghuali Figure of Guanyin, Qing Neda Arts Sold
A Stucco Head of Bodhisattva of Song Dynasty(12th C.) Roy Hu's Asian Art Sold