19C Chinese Imperial Famille Rose Porcelain Snuff Bottle Xianfeng Mark
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Snuff Bottle, Faux Bois Enamels, Qianlong Mark; 18th-19th Century Hunter-Phillips Asiatic Art USD $2,250.00
Green Jade Snuff Bottle, 19th Century (or earlier) Hunter-Phillips Asiatic Art USD $2,450.00
Rock Crystal Snuff Bottle Shaped as a Gourd, 19th century Hunter-Phillips Asiatic Art USD $825.00
White Jade "Pebble" Style Snuff Bottle, 19th century (or earlier) Hunter-Phillips Asiatic Art USD $2,200.00
19c Chinese wooden SNUFF BOTTLE STAND Dmitry Levit Asian Art $65.00
An Antique Inside Painted Rock Crystal Snuff Bottle, 19th Century Phoenix Asian Art ( artPeking.com ) $1,500.00
Molded-Porcelain Snuff Bottle, Imperial Kilns, 1796-1820 Hunter-Phillips Asiatic Art USD $800.00
Chinese Carved Snuff Bottle, Signed Helen M Edwards $320.00
Carved Amber root Snuff Bottle Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $950.00
Chinese Hinged Silver Enamel Medicine Bottles. Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $750.00
Suzhou School Agate Snuff Bottle - Figures in Landscape (Le Tieguai) Spoils of Time $4,400.00
Antique Chinese Enameled Porcelain Dragon Snuff Bottle L'Asie Exotique $800.00
Hand Carved Chinese Walnut Snuff Bottle with Lohans June Hastings $135.00
19c Chinese SNUFF bottle DISH / SAUCER Dmitry Levit Asian Art $240.00