Chinese cream stoneware bowl, Song dynasty Welcome To Another Century $175.00
A Swatow, South China, Jarlet - 15th/16th century Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques On Hold
Yuan Dynasty - Dark Glazed Ewer EL-GALLERY USD $1,500.00
Yuan Dynasty - Iron Brown Painted Cizhou Vase EL-GALLERY USD $700.00
Liao Dynasty - Sancai Moulded Earthenware Dish EL-GALLERY USD $1,900.00
Yuan Dynasty - Celadon Covered Box EL-GALLERY USD $1,750.00
Song Dynasty - Small Yingqing Bowl EL-GALLERY USD $1,000.00
Song Dynasty - Yingqing Comestic Box EL-GALLERY USD $1,200.00
Liao Dynasty - Moulded Green Glazed Moon Flask Ewer EL-GALLERY USD $6,500.00
Tang Dynasty - Copper Green Glazed Roulette Design Ewer EL-GALLERY USD $2,500.00
Song Dynasty - White Glaze Stem Cup EL-GALLERY USD $650.00
Ming Dynasty - Funeary Green Glaze Vase EL-GALLERY USD $600.00
Song Dynasty - Glazed Lobed Jarlet EL-GALLERY USD $550.00
Yuan Dynasty - Cizhou Style Stem Cup EL-GALLERY USD $450.00
A Tripod Steatite Censer of Tang Dynasty (AD618-906) Roy Hu's Asian Art $3000.00
Chinese SONG Cizhou cream-glazed PILLOW-Provenance Shibui Art, subtle..... subdued.....pure $6,500.00
deaccessioned from the Manno Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan and purchased @ Christie
Han Dynasty ?? story teller with a drum . EDMUND GRUNDNER Asiatica - Ethnographica €450.00