Antique Nepalese Wooden Stele of Deity, 19th C. or Earlier. Galerie Hafner $680.00
shipping included
Tibetan Antique Horse Saddle Zentner Collection $4,500.00
Dagger in jade and steel Conservatoire Sakura $3,800.00
High quality large Nepali bronze figure of the seated Indra! Senatus Consulto $1,350.00
Himalayan Antique Silver Seated Buddha Sakyamuni Zentner Collection $2,000.00
Attractive bronze Virabhadra alter / shrine of Western Deccan India Senatus Consulto $350.00
Himalayan Antique Tsha Tsha Votive Plaque of Seated White Tara Zentner Collection $975.00
Himalayan Antique Tsha Tsha Votive Plaque of Seated Bodhisattva Zentner Collection $975.00
Tibetan Antique Pair of Burl and Silver Offering Bowls Zentner Collection $5,000.00
Ancient Afghan Beads Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
19th C. Indian Antique Bronze Figure of Krishna Zentner Collection $2,600.00
Ancient Mask of Mahakala, Bhutan or Tibet, 18th C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €1,200.00
Nepalese Antique Bronze Priest's Bracelet Zentner Collection $950.00
Himalayan Antique Carved Crystal Bhairava Mask with Gilt Copper Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Himalayan Antique Bronze Box with Silver Vajra Motif Zentner Collection $4,000.00
Himalayan Antique Bone Phurba, Ritual Dagger Zentner Collection $3,800.00
A Tibetan Copper & Brass Container, 19th Century Hawkes, Asian Art £110.00
19C INDIAN HINDU CARVED WOODEN LINTEL Oldbailey Antiques $895.00