18/19c bronze BUDDHIST STUPA Sri Lanka Ceylon Dmitry Levit Asian Art $595.00
Sri Lankan Killotaya Chunam Lime Container 19thC CS Asian Art £200.00
Indian or Sri Lankan miniature bronze altar / shrine Global Ceramics $350.00
Old Coral Beads Abhaya Asian Antiques $360.00
Fine and Rare 18th/19th Century Seated Bronze Buddha from Sri Lanka Intandane Ltd t/a 69A On Request
Dutch Colonial Tobacco pipe Elephant Gallery Pte Ltd. $5,600.00
Antique Japanese Bizen gold-dust bag shaped small pot t a t a m i $300.00
Blue and white Porcelain Four-case Inro by Takahashi Dohachi 19c t a t a m i $1,800.00
Painted Teakwood Buddha from Sri Lanka Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €1,200.00
Ceylonese Brass and Copper Betel Lime Container, 19th C. Galerie Hafner $300.00
shipping included
Sri Lankan Rice Sickles Abhaya Asian Antiques $320.00
Bronze 19th Century Oil Lamp from Ceylon Silk Road Gallery $295.00
Sri Lanka Monkey Mask for Fetus Protection Ritual Drama Korean Art and Antiques $1000.00
Silver Filigree and Garnet Bracelet from Ceylon Silk Road Gallery $345.00
Primitive Carved Bone Figure of Singhalese King Silk Road Gallery $150.00
Antique Buddhist Sutra Book from Ceylon Sri Lanka Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Ancient Ceylonese Beads Abhaya Asian Antiques Sold