Antique Japanese Works of Art

Antique Japanese decorative arts from the Meiji and Edo periods and before. Select from thousands of ceramics listings including porcelain, stoneware and earthenware pottery. Other leading categories include kimono and other textiles, netsuke and okimono, Meiji and other metalwork, tansu and other furniture, cloisonne, and scroll paintings. Some specialty categories are fine lacquer, Buddhist sculpture, woodblock prints, samurai swords and tea articles.

Set of 3 Japanese Arita Imari Porcelain Nesting Bowls, Meiji June Hastings $1,150.00
Pair of Antique Japanese Buddhist Attendants Zentner Collection
Edo period Guardian Buddhist Deity Holding Tower The Kura $2,500.00
Antique Japanese Porcelain Imari Charger, Meiji June Hastings $475.00
Excellent Rare Pair Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vases - Probably Kumeno Golden Age Antiques On Request
Fine Large Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase with Flowering Wisteria Golden Age Antiques $1250.00
Beautiful Pair Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vases - Early Namikawa Sosuke Golden Age Antiques On Request
Early 19c netsuke STYLIZED BUFFALO Dmitry Levit Asian Art $650.00
19c staghorn sashi netsuke BEAN POD Dmitry Levit Asian Art $250.00
Japanese Antique Textile Silk Juban Under Kimono with Shibori GALLERY TSUMUGI $80.00
Early Japanese Ivory Netsuke of a Man and Boy Helen M Edwards $290.00
Japanese Ivory Puppeteer Okimono Helen M Edwards $1,490.00
19c netsuke GAMA SENNIN & TOAD by RYUZAN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,350.00
19c netsuke 8 MASKS by ISSAI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $675.00
19c Japanese pipe case CARP turning into DRAGON Dmitry Levit Asian Art $260.00
19c netsuke DISTRESSED ACTOR by GYOKUZAN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $425.00
Tall Antique Japanese Bronze Vase with Ho Ho Birds, Meiji June Hastings $395.00
Japanese Antique Textile Asa Man's Kimono Vegetable Yellow Dye GALLERY TSUMUGI $80.00