Antique Japanese Works of Art

Antique Japanese decorative arts from the Meiji and Edo periods and before. Select from thousands of ceramics listings including porcelain, stoneware and earthenware pottery. Other leading categories include kimono and other textiles, netsuke and okimono, Meiji and other metalwork, tansu and other furniture, cloisonne, and scroll paintings. Some specialty categories are fine lacquer, Buddhist sculpture, woodblock prints, samurai swords and tea articles.

Antique Japanese Bato Kannon Bosatsu Kodo Arts $575.00
Japanese Meiji period cloisonne vase in Kodenji style Global Ceramics $170.00
Sake wine cups with Hoho birds, a pair, Meiji Global Ceramics $200.00
BLACK AND GOLD JINGASA HAT t a t a m i $450.00
Antique Japanese Bugaku Mask Ca. 1820 Kodo Arts $2,500.00
Antique Japanese Lotus-Shaped Carved-Wood Yatate The Kura $1,200.00
19c netsuke KOKORO CLEANER by TOMOTANI (Yukoku) Dmitry Levit Asian Art $495.00
19c cinnabar lacquer netsuke FORTUNE & peonies Dmitry Levit Asian Art $195.00
19c netsuke PHOENIX in flight Dmitry Levit Asian Art $150.00
Kyōgen theater mask Delorme.Antique sarl €15,000.00