Japanese Gosho Ningyo L'Asie Exotique $650.00
Antique Japanese Ikat Futon Cover Zentner Collection $650.00
Japanese Asian Clan Samurai Armor Box (Gusoku Bitsu) Zentner Collection $650.00
Imari blue and white porcelain plate with pheasant picture t a t a m i $650.00
10-piece of Imported Dutch Blue and white Oranda Bowls Edo period t a t a m i $650.00
Lacquered Nagoro Leaf Tray Zentner Collection $650.00
Chosen Karatsu Double Vase Edo Period Momoyama Gallery $650.00
Rare Japanese Satsuma Water Dropper in Kyoto Saki Pot Form June Hastings $650.00
Antique Japanese Lacquer Brush Pot with Inlaid Coins Zentner Collection $650.00
Antique Japanese Gilt Fu Dog Menuki Zentner Collection $650.00
Antique Ryukyu Yaeyama Tea-Dust Glazed Flask Vase 19c t a t a m i $650.00
Antique Japanese Tool Chest Zentner Collection $650.00
Antique Japanese Kyo-Yaki Rabbit Kogo Zentner Collection $650.00
Japanese blue and white plate with dove Zentner Collection $650.00
19c netsuke ELDER with drum & boys Dmitry Levit Asian Art $650.00
Japanese Original Woodblock Print by Hokusai Zentner Collection $650.00