Antique Japanese 4 Case Inro with Wisteria Zentner Collection $600.00
Zushi, Nichiren on chair, Japan, Edo period Welcome To Another Century $600.00
Japanese Cedar 2 sectionTansu, red lacquer black iron hardware Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $600.00
Large Porcelain image of the White Robed Kannon. Meiji period Dragon's Pearl $600.00
Antique Japanese Keyaki Calligraphy Box Zentner Collection $600.00
Plate of Seto ware decorated with a stylized landscape Dragon's Pearl $600.00
Japanese Imari Porcelain Bowl, Octagonal shape Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $600.00
Large bottle for sake, stoneware, Tanba, Japan 19th c Welcome To Another Century $600.00
Tall vase with masks, Okame, tengu, Hannya, Japan, early 20th c. Welcome To Another Century $600.00
Japanese Tansu, 2 section Cedar, Cypress wood, Crane design black iron Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $600.00
Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Toyokuni I Kabuki Actor Danjuro Tengu Petrie-Rogers Gallery $600.00
Japanese Antique Gosho Ningyo Doll Zentner Collection $600.00
Japanese Antique Textile Shima-cho Sample Book of Stripes GALLERY TSUMUGI $600.00
Antique Japanese Persimmon Wood Clothing Tansu Zentner Collection $600.00
Meiji Maru Silk Obi Apricot and Brown Silk Road Gallery $600.00
Japanese 12 Foot Roll of Un-Sewn Brocade Obi Zentner Collection $600.00
Early 19c netsuke sleeping MONK with drum Dmitry Levit Asian Art $595.00
Antique Japanese Imari Charger - Fukagawa Golden Age Antiques $595.00
19c kagamibuta netsuke MAN by well, marine bowl Dmitry Levit Asian Art $595.00
Japanese Meiji Period Monogrammed KINKOZAN SATSUMA Plate Oriental Treasure Box $595.00
19c kagamibuta netsuke ACTOR DEMON with drum Dmitry Levit Asian Art $595.00
19c tobacco box ojime netsuke BURLWOOD set Dmitry Levit Asian Art $595.00
19c netsuke BOY & DARUMA roly-poly Dmitry Levit Asian Art $595.00
Hidetomo, Early 19th C., Japanese Netsuke, Stand with Book and Hat Forestangel Asian Antiques $595.00
A Good Japanese Kutani Jar, Meiji Period 1868-1912 The Bodhisattva Collection $595.00
KUTANI CHARGER RED AND GOLD CIRCA 1900 12" DIAMETER Eric J.Phillips Antique Estate Jewelry $595.00
Japanese Sumida Gawa Sake Pot Teapot Tea Pot Children Ban-ni Mark Petrie-Rogers Gallery $595.00
19c netsuke MAN with mask on cart by MASATSUGU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $595.00