Fine Japanese Palace Doll, Gosho Ningyo Japanese Art Site $12,250.00
Japanese Tachibina ningyo L'Asie Exotique $12,000.00
Set of Four Antique Japanese Suibokuga Paintings by Kano Tokinobu L'Asie Exotique $12,000.00
samurai Warrior Suit armory Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $12,000.00
Large Japanese Satsuma Jar by Yabu Meizan Golden Age Antiques $12000.00
Large and Very Expressive Ningyo, Japanese Sumo Doll Japanese Art Site $12,000.00
17th Century Imari Model of an Actor CARLA SUE GATSKE $11,750.00
Japanese Satsuma Vase Signed Yabu Meizan Golden Age Antiques $10950.00
Japanese Cloisonne Table Screen CARLA SUE GATSKE $10,500.00
TAMETAKA, Superb EDO Period Japanese Boxwood Netsuke, Mother and Child Forestangel Asian Antiques $10,450.00
Japanese Antique Large Temple Ranma of 3 Sages Zentner Collection $10,000.00
Japanese 3 Fusuma Sliding Doors Zentner Collection $10,000.00
Japanese Satsuma Vase with Wisteria & Birds Golden Age Antiques $9800.00
Antique Japanese 6-panel Rimpa-style screen L'Asie Exotique $9,800.00
Antique Japanese Pair of Baku Corbels Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Japanese Gosho Ningyo L'Asie Exotique $9,500.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Wave Suiban, Signed Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Antique Japanese 2 Panel Byobu Deer Screen, signed Hakuho Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Articulated Japanese Chochin Kabuto Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Japanese Bronze Vase with Rabbits and Waves Zentner Collection $9,500.00
17th Century Japanese Standing Amida Buddha Statue Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Japanese Antique Keyaki Wood Kura Tansu, Edo Period Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Spectacular Japanese Bronze Horse, Meiji Period Japanese Art Site $9,500.00
Rare Japanese Nigata Keyaki Burl Isho Tansu Zentner Collection $9,500.00
Magnificent large Japanese chestnut and cedar 3-section clothing chest L'Asie Exotique $9,500.00