Japanese Meiji Kuchi-e Woodblock Print Kiyokata Bijin Petrie-Rogers Gallery $300.00
Pair of wooden guardian foxes, Japan, Meiji era Welcome To Another Century P.O.R.
Stacking boxes for kozuka, Japan, Meiji period Welcome To Another Century $700.00
Mask of old man, paper mache, Japan, 19th century Welcome To Another Century $950.00
Antique Satsuma teapot Cherry Blossom Viewing Zentner Collection $2,000.00
Ship's chest or funa dansu, Japan, Edo period Welcome To Another Century $2,000.00
Large Antique Japanese Nobori Banner, Shoki Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Japanese Isho Tansu (clothing chest) Zentner Collection $2,900.00
Japanese rare Edo Age Sakata area Choba Tansu Zentner Collection $6,000.00
Japanese silk drawstring embroidered purse Asian Ethnic Artifacts $145.00
Antique Japanese treebark lacquerware box Asian Ethnic Artifacts $275.00