Tenmoku Bowl, China, Song Dynasty AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques Sold
Antique Japanese Kiri Tansu Zentner Collection Sold
Japanese blue and white glazed Imari plate Zentner Collection $450.00
19c netsuke DOG by ANRAKU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $2500.00
Japanese Wood Mask Netsuke of Okame # 3, 19th C. Galerie Hafner $540.00
shipping included
Wooden sculpture, Ashinaga, South Sea Islander or Dutchman, Japan Welcome To Another Century $1,500.00
Mirror box, chrysanthemum crest in gold, Japan, 18th c. Welcome To Another Century $4,500.00
Japanese Edo Woodblock Print - Kunisada Actor Samurai Petrie-Rogers Gallery $275.00
A Hirado Porcelain Table Screen (Scholar’s Studio Item) Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art Sold
YOSHINO LACQUERWARE PLATES 6pc t a t a m i $350.00
Painting, descent of Amida Buddha, Japan, 18th c. Welcome To Another Century $2,500.00
Edo chosen-nishiki uchishiki silk textile1861-1863 Japanese Antique & Textile saiyuu2 $520.00